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So your question is.....what does Precious Escapes Photography do?

Bill will do informal photo shoots for things such as

but not limited to...

-Outdoor Events                                                 

-Sporting Events



Are you selling your home? I can take the photos for you!

Having a car restored? I can take the before and after shots!

Want to get the family together in the local park? Call me and I will come take the pictures!

Need a gift for that train fan? I have the shot.

Nautical theme in your home? I have the lighthouse and ship shots to compliment it!

I am not here to break your bank. I am here to help you preserve your memories.....

......and create new ones. If you have a need that is not listed here, use the contact me

button above and let me know how I can help!


*Some rates are based on travel need or shipping and handling. Please contact

me for these rates.